I bought two plastic cups on sale at Walmart for 50 cents each—one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom. The cups’ mint green color isn’t me, but it makes me smile. So does the feel of the cup’s matte surface.

The Walmart cups replace two cups I bought at Target, which were made of a depressing, gray, translucent plastic.Those cups were too large in diameter, making them awkward to hold. The tall cup was out of balance when partially filled; and the water, when poured, took too long to reach the rim.

The Target cups’ depressing color and irksome performance prodded me to search for better cups at Walmart—better but for one fact: the Walmart cups were made in China.

But all was not lost. A sticker on the bottom of each cup read, “Made in Heyuan, China” presumably by ordinary Han Chinese, not by persecuted Uygurs in Xinjiang.

Thank you, Walmart, for making that distinction. Now I can sleep better at night after taking my pills and brushing my teeth.

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